Managing Director of Christmas

Managing Director of Christmas

20 October 2014 | Liz Bowen

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas. As soon as it’s seen as mildly acceptable to put up decorations and get the festive songs on – I am on it!

But this year, Christmas campaigns have come super early and there’s one that has seriously cheered me up.

Mr Santa Claus has set up his own LinkedIn profile! As Managing Director of Christmas, Mr Claus is using his profile to recruit ‘little helpers’ to help him write letters to children around the world.

This cute campaign has been created by NSPCC for their ‘Letter from Santa’ project where the public can request a personal letter from Santa including a selection of beautiful illustrations and donate £5. Not only that but the letter gets delivered from Rudolph!!

Santa admits on his profile ‘Mrs Claus is always encouraging me to embrace technology to ease my workload – last year I installed a satnav on my sleigh, and now I’m trying LinkedIn. I usually advertise for elves in The Lapland Chronicle, but this year I’m embracing snow-cial media.’

His interests also include eating mince pies and baking at home as his wife has become addicted to the Great British Bake Off this year! A-maazing.

Santa has even been endorsed for skills such as Toys and Time Management!

This stunt was incredibly well thought through. LinkedIn is the perfect place to target their key audience. Its bound to attract those parents who are willing to pay for a personalised letter and also give them a smile.

More and more companies are using social media (even Saint Nick himself!) to target their audiences and it’s proving to be incredibly successful.