love it or hate it

love it or hate it

04 August 2015 | Pic PR

Similar to the Bulmer’s pop up bar I blogged about the other week, Marmite has followed the PR footsteps and will be opening a pop up café tomorrow for two days. It’s to promote the new Marmite Summer flavour, which is apparently a lot lighter to the taste, in a bid to entice some new fans.

Upon entering the Marmite ‘pay by sentiment’ café in London, customers will be asked to enter their Twitter handle in the ‘love-o-meter.’ This will then determine whether they pay for their meal or not, depending on their Twitter sentiments, making them a ‘lover’ or a ‘hater’.’

The menu is small, offering either Marmite on toast or Marmite and cheese on toast with a coffee, of course ‘lovers’ will receive this for free while ‘haters’ will have to pay full price. Those wishing to visit best cast an eye over their Twitter feed if they want a freebie!

The café is the world’s first payment by social sentiment restaurant and hopes to spread a little love to the British public.

Marmite is fully aware that the spread, while massively popular, is ‘hated’ by many. The ‘love it or hate it’ theme and strap line runs through all of the advertising and PR campaigns that the company run, it is well recognised and talked about across the country.

Woodstock, tie-dye and hippies inspire the new ‘Summer of Love not Hate’ campaign. The retro vibes are continued into a very weird YouTube video with cartoon cats, London Underground posters and limited edition ‘summer of love’ or ‘summer of hate’ jars. (They’re pretty ‘groovy’ even though I’m a hater…)

This PR stunt finds a better use for the online sentiment checkers and is a great way to attract potential new lovers. According to the creative director behind the advertising campaign, there just isn’t enough recreational Marmite use these days but hopefully this PR stunt and advertising push will generate some more Marmite lovers!