Love Island Love In

01 June 2018 | Kate Owens

How can it be the 1st June already?! The year so far has flown by. Abbie reminded us in the office the other day that in only a few weeks’ time – from the 21st June – the days will start to get shorter and darker again.

Well, that’s just great news!

But let’s not dwell on that, as the beginning of June and summer time means only one thing…


Now, if you were a fly on the wall in our office this time last year, you would have heard us all get together each morning and have a low-down about the previous night’s episode and I’m sure that will be still be the case this year too.

But what is all the fuss about? In all earnest, when my housemates asked me last year if I was going to watch it, I turned my nose up and raised my eyebrows as it was the sort of television that my father would classify as “drivel”. But with only a little encouragement, I decided to join the masses in the UK and set myself up every night for an hour of this light-hearted entertainment.

But it wasn’t just me that had my mind changed it seems, as ratings doubled from the previous year in 2016 and hit a record high of 2.9 million people tuning in to watch all the shenanigans take place. And no doubt those ratings will climb again this year! The build-up to it has been huge, everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seat to hear when the show will start (Monday 4th June – FYI) and to see all the new contestants that will be entering the villa.

However, although I can’t deny that I won’t be tuning in on Monday night, the contestants haven’t got me in such an excitement as last year, fearing there will be no bromance like Chris & Kem’s or no strong-independent-bomb-disposal-woman, aka – Camilla.

I hate to say it, but this year the male contestants have come up trumps on their occupations. You’ve got Dr Alex, an A&E doctor from Carmarthen and you’ve also got Wes, an Electrical and Nuclear Systems Design Engineer. They are most certainly meeting the calibre set by Camilla in 2017. However, it’s unfortunate that the producers have decided to pick women with occupations such as, a Glamour Model, a Barmaid and an Air Stewardess…come on!!! Could the producers get more stereotypical? Not to say that there is anything wrong with those occupations, but where are the Camillas of this year?!

So, what is this blog really about? Equality? Feminism? Hmm, maybe, but to be honest I think I just wanted to share my excitement with you. And perhaps you’re the one this year raising your eyebrows and turning your nose up at this “drivel” that will be on our screens for the forthcoming weeks. But I also bet that there is a tiny bit of you inside eagerly wanting to see what all the fuss is about…

Let’s chat Tuesday 5th June….