Love at First Tweet

19 July 2016 | Pic PR

We’ve heard about couples meeting online, but not many like this one.

A few years ago, a writer tweeted her admiration for the person responsible for Waterstones’ Oxford Street Twitter account.

Charmed by all the funny captions, Victoria set her sights on telling them how she felt and sent a message declaring her love for the individual behind the tweets. A brave first move, and a public one at that, but I praise her for her bold effort.

After reading a few myself, even I have found myself admiring the witty statuses.

One tweet reads: 'To find out your author name, simply take your first and last names, write a book, get it published and read the name on the cover.' Brilliant!

There was of course a 50/50 chance that her crush could have been female, married or simply not interested, but luckily the keen effort paid off when the man in question turned out to be Waterstones’ employee, Jonathan.

They soon planned their first date to a secret cocktail bar in London, which must have gone well as they have recently announced their nuptials! All played out on Twitter, of course.

The happy couple have been bombarded with hundreds of messages of support as well as over 24,000 likes, and right now a welcome break to all the bad news in the press right now.

A heart-warming story and a lovely bit of PR for Waterstones too, of course.

So there, you should never judge a book by its cover, but perhaps you can judge a tweet by its writer. Congratulations guys!