Look who's porking

17 October 2016 | Lloyd Hughes

Vegans are a notoriously fussy bunch, as evidenced by what they eat.

They are also, according to laddish vitriol fired their way on the internet, allegedly quick to thrust their view of the world upon others.

I certainly don’t have a problem with veganism or vegans. I fully respect that’s how they choose to live their life and good on them. I’m also an animal lover and get blood shot, enraged eyes whenever I see instances of animal cruelty floating about on the internet, so I can certainly understand the desire to reduce animal suffering and, indeed, applaud it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like meat as a foodstuff. Humans, after all, are omnivores. We’ve evolved over millions of years to subsist on a diet of plants and other animals. Despite my abhorrence for animal cruelty, I see no need to try and hold back the natural course of human nature by turning down a bacon sandwich – as long as it’s produced in as humane a way as possible.

But Morrissey, now there’s a vegan I dislike. Not because he’s vegan. But because he’s got a holier than thou attitude which really gets my goat. He also told the Argies that the Falklands were theirs. Those who know me realise a comment like that is sure to see my nostrils flare.

Forgive me a brief rant on the matter…

Argentina has no legitimate claim whatsoever, having not actually existed as a country when the uninhabited islands were first discovered by English naval captain John Strong, wanting them merely based on proximity, which is a ludicrous argument.*

The usual bleating in Argentina’s favour centres on Britain’s government of the islands as ‘archaic colonialism’ and the ‘remnants of Imperialism’, which is absurdly ironic considering the fact that 99.8% of the islands’ inhabitants voted to remain a British territory in 2013. This though, is seemingly irrelevant to both Buenos Aires and Morrissey.

The people on the island have the right to self-determination. End of. Any attempt to the contrary is reverting to imperialism i.e. a policy of extending a country’s power through colonisation, use of military or other means. Therefore, it’s absolute hypocrisy. An interesting blogpost outlines the finer points here.

Anyway, inevitability once the Falklands are mentioned, I’ve strayed off topic, but with that off my chest…

Morrissey has been the victim of a PR stunt in the US after apparently imposing his veganism on members of a festival crowd.

During Riot Fest in Chicago, he insisted on all cooking of meat and all meat sales being stopped during his 2-hour set. This didn’t go down too well with some of those in attendance, and it rubbed festival food vendor, Puffs of Doom, up the wrong way to such an extent that it’s now launched what it’s dubbed a ‘Pork Morrissey’. The sandwich consists of pulled pork and four types of cheeses – all most definitely off a vegan’s menu.

The brand has stated that its problem isn’t with veganism – far from it – but the fact that he ‘tried to push his views down people’s throats’ in a rather unpleasant way. They deemed it a case of bullying small businesses that are already having a hard time, which from a small business trying to make ends meat** is fair enough.

Bullying evidently sits well with Morrissey if he’s happy to side with bullying Buenos Aires over the Falkland Islands.

The crux of the matter can really be boiled down to respect. Respect one another’s beliefs/views, but don’t feel the need to force yours upon someone else.

Worth bearing that in mind, Morrissey.

*We’ll demand the Faroe Islands as they’re closer to us than Denmark.
** pun intended.