Lock the doors

14 March 2017 | Billy Thompson

Live television. It’s a risky business. We’ve all seen bloopers that have occurred live on air. Once they happen they’re hard to shake off, especially with this powerful social media world we live in.

Professor Robert Kelly learnt this too well on Friday, after he was involved in one of the most hilarious live TV moments I have seen for a while.

Whilst being interviewed live from home on BBC News, Professor Kelly was rudely interrupted by two very little guests. Yep, you guessed it, his interview was gate-crashed by his kids. 

His first child opened the door and jauntily strolled in without a care in the world, making a beeline for her father. The BBC presenter notified Kelly that his daughter had joined the interview and Kelly gently pushed her to the side where she sat down on the bed.

No big deal at this stage, just pretty funny that his daughter walked in, as the interview could still go on. Until he was joined by a second guest; in comes his little baby, rolling in in its walker, wondering where his sister was going. This is when I lost it!

A few moments later the children’s panicked mother flew through the door, sliding to a stop before awkwardly dragging the children out of the room, making an absolute racket in the process. To top it off she then crawled back on hands and knees to try and stealthily close the door after ejecting the children – all in full view of the camera.

Kelly simply closed his eyes and apologised, several times. You could then hear the cries of a child being disciplined throughout the remainder of the interview.

The whole thing was just absolute chaos, but it made us all laugh here at Pic HQ on Friday. We found it so funny we ran a poll over on our Twitter page to find out what everyone’s favourite moment from the video was.

You’ve got to give it to Professor Kelly, though. He took it very well and stayed dignified while apologising for the disruption, without losing track of his interview points.

Shortly after it was broadcast lots of users took to Twitter to tell Kelly how hilarious they found it. David Waddell, a writer at BBC News, kindly asked Professor Kelly if he could share the clip, to which he replied “Is this the kind­a thing that goes 'viral' and gets weird?”.

Viral is a word you could use. The tweet of the clip that set it off currently has just under 99,000 retweets, with plenty of other accounts and social media channels highlighting it too.

Unlucky, Professor! Time to put a lock on that door of yours…