Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates

20 July 2015 | Pic PR

When a brand hits the headlines you hope it’s for all the right reasons, but in Cadbury’s case it’s looking a little negative this Monday morning.

The chocolate tin contents are getting smaller AGAIN (what?!) but the price is staying the same. Of all the reasons for Cadbury to end up in the press, this probably isn’t their best moment.

The popular tins of Roses were already decreased last Christmas but are now set to fall from 780g to just under 730g. To compare, back in 2011 the tins were a whopping 975g and this year Heroes tins are set to reduce by about 10%, which is about 11 chocolates, but you’ll still pay the same price.

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this all seems very unfair – if the prices were inline then happy days, but that simply isn’t the case.

You may have noticed in the news lately brands and supermarkets are being urged to make it far clearer to consumers what they get for their money. Better unit pricing and less misleading deals would make for a far easier shopping trip.

A report earlier this year from Which? revealed that a whole host of other popular brands have been sneakily reducing the content too but not their pricing – Surf washing powder and Hovis bread were among the culprits.

These are trusted, popular, brands and it’s a shame to see them operating under slightly shady tactics.

On the plus side however, Almond Caramels Bites and Wispa are joining the Roses tins and Heroes boxes!

So, the next time I buy a family tin of Cadbury chocolates (not a regular event, promise) I’ll spare a thought for the missing 11 treats and assume Cadbury are just looking after our waistlines. Let’s hope that’s the whole idea after all. Thanks Cadbury…I think?