Life is better with cake!

Life is better with cake!

04 September 2014 | Pic PR

The cake giant, Mr Kipling has revealed a major new marketing campaign this week.

So what would you expect from such a genius in the cake industry? A rather large and rather extravagant edible billboard of course! This clever creation was unveiled to bystanders/cake lovers in Westfield, London this morning as part of it’s ‘Life is better with cake’ campaign.

The world’s first billboard poster made entirely out of Mr.Kipling’s cake, 13 360 to be precise. The unveiling happened at 11am this morning before members of the public were able to help themselves to the beautiful masterpiece.

Free cake and a nice bit of eye candy – why wouldn’t the crowds reap in? I don’t know many people who would not stop in their tracks if a free Bakewell slice or Angel cake were presented to them. It was a great way to raise awareness to their new campaign.

Lisa-Jo Harvey, a senior brand manager at Premier Foods, said “We can’t think of a better way to show people that life is better with cake than to create an edible poster made out of thousands of our exceedingly good cakes.”

Earlier this year, Mr.Kipling’s marketing heads claimed they are aiming to “transform the entire cake category” and set out with this campaign to do so. Reports also stated that their 50 years strong strapline ‘Exceedingly good cakes’ might also be scrapped. But it looks like this wasn’t the case; maybe that’s part of their successful marketing recipe!

Matthew Critchley, Premier Foods cake category marketing director says: “This campaign will really put Mr Kipling back in the hearts and minds of consumers. Life truly is better with cake – and we want the world to experience that delight more often.”

However, this isn’t the first time free cake has featured in its PR efforts. In 2012 Mr.Kipling unleashed a cake dispensing billboard/poster advertisement, where 500 lucky Londoners could collect their free Angel slice straight out of the ad itself with a touch of a button!

Well, Mr Kipling you really do know how to keep your audiences sweet. Not only have you got exceedingly good cakes but you have also executed exceedingly good PR stunts!