Let it go

Let it go

09 July 2015 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Let it go. That’s what I would like to say to the horrible people who took to social media to blast a selfless cake-maker, her Queen Elsa creation and inadvertently a critically ill child.

These people truly showed their own ugly side this week when they decided to attack Los Angeles resident Lisa Randolph-Gant and her Disney’s Frozen inspired cake, because in their (unwanted) opinion it wasn’t very good.

No matter to them this cake was baked free of charge.

No matter to them this cake was baked for a charity, Icing Smiles.

And no matter to them this cake was destined for a young, critically ill child.

OK so maybe let it go wasn’t strong enough…

Deep breath… OK, it all started when Reddit user OfficialBigHead posted a picture of the cake alongside a picture of Queen Elsa, the lead character in the hit Disney film, with the caption; “The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived”.

It sparked an onslaught of comments with people mocking Lisa Randolph-Gant, who had baked the cake for charity Icing Smiles, who in turn requested it for Briana, a critically ill young girl.

The barrage of nasty comments, however we feel about them and the keyboard warriors behind them, have in fact shed light on a few pretty fantastic things.

Firstly how great is Lisa Randolph-Gant? She responded after a few days to explain part of the reasons for the less than perfect cake, including the fact her own grandmother died on the day she was baking the cake. Despite all this she carried on making the cake, even though she knew it wasn’t as good as she would’ve liked.

She also added that Briana and her mother had been more than happy with the cake, with Briana even saying she wanted to be a baker like Lisa. Her quote also had a pop at the “mean-spirited” comments made by “cowards”, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. I’m sure she will be getting a few orders from this story.

But best of all it has shed some light on Icing Smiles.

This is a charity which has set up a network of 7,500 volunteers across the country who freely give up their time and purchase the necessary ingredients to produce cakes for seriously ill youngsters.

Cher Bork, the development manager at Icing Smiles, released a statement saying they considered Lisa a “sugar angel”.

Hopefully the inadvertent PR given to Icing Smiles by the nasty online commenters will lead to something positive for the charity, it is undoubtedly the most publicity the organisation has ever had.

The reaction by both Lisa and Icing Smiles has continued to show how selfless these people while also highlighting the power of social media, whether used in a good or bad way.

It just goes to show in the end the baddies always get their comeuppance.