L'eau de Milk

25 September 2018 | Kate Owens

So whilst perusing various pages on the internet, I stumbled across something that caught my attention and that something is going to be the focal point of today’s blog.

Best before dates – who swears by these?

I certainly don’t, being the resident chef at Pic PR, I am not a fan of ‘best before dates’ whatsoever. To me, they are just safety nets for food companies to cover their backs to ensure consumers cannot pin the blame on them, or worse - sue them if they eat ‘gone-off’ food.

I think everyone needs to educate themselves when it comes to food, and that means looking back a few decades and doing what our ancestors used to do – look at it, and…. give it a sniff.

There’s a company leading the way with this called Coop; a Swedish grocery chain. It has produced a fragrance called “Old Milk” and, you’ve guessed it, it smells just like Old Milk. This unique and frankly bizarre fragrance has been created in a bid to reduce food waste, as Coop has said that unless your milk smells like “Old Milk” then it is absolutely fine to drink!

Anneli Bylund, Coop’s acting head of sustainability, stated; “Don’t be afraid to smell, taste and look at the food before you throw it out”. Hear, hear! Too bloody right, I say. Some people are far too wary of best-before dates, some of these snowflakes are far too precious to sniff some milk or to try a bit. Funnily enough, if you try some and it has gone off, you don’t have to swallow it, you can spit it out..!

And, Coop is all about looking after the environment, last year it recycled 87% of its total waste. In fact, it was also named the most sustainable brand, the greenest company in 2018. I think some other companies need to take a leaf out of its book, especially those in the UK, where food waste is so high. We all need to get back to basics and start looking at our food and smelling our food. But if you are a bit wary, and you’re still not sure when your milk is okay to drink, you can order a sample of “Old Milk” here to help you out.