Lammily…the Barbie for Real Girls!

Lammily…the Barbie for Real Girls!

21 November 2014 | Pic PR

Barbie has been a traditional toy for decades and has been a firm favourite throughout the years. However, recently she has come up against some harsh criticism, not only for her perfect and unrealistic looks and figure proportions, but also for her over the top love of pink and traditionally female job roles such a model, singer and movie star. Mattel have begun to slowly move Barbie out of these roles and earlier this year she was presented as Entrepreneur Barbie and this got a great reaction. However, when we look at another role created for Barbie as a computer engineer I really do question what people are thinking!

So Barbie wants to be a computer engineer…yay for Barbie! BUT when you begin to read the book, you understand that Barbie is unable to become an engineer without the help of her male friends. In the book she only designs the concept and needs the men to actually turn it into a real game, and even only doing that she manages to infect two computers with a virus and needs to be rescued by ‘the boys’…disaster. It seems Barbie is destined to have a head full of air and a completely unrealistic figure (if she were real she would fall over because of her proportions and would only have room for half a liver).

Keeping all that in mind enter the Lammily doll! Nickolay Lamm created the doll to look like an average 19 year old girl with brown hair. One of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time is when the doll is presented to a class of pre-school children in America. They love the doll and many of them comment that she looks just like their sister and she looks real. And when asked what both Lammily and Barbie would do for a job the contrast between jobs like a teacher for Lammily and model for Barbie really does say so much coming from these eight year olds. To check out the cute reactions click here.

The marketing and PR behind this has been very simple, most of the coverage is coming from the idea of the doll itself but for me one of the most powerful things they have done in this campaign is this video where they mock up a photo shoot of Lammily and then go through the airbrushing process on her image. It really not only gets the message across about the ridiculousness of the proportions of Barbie but also the fakeness that is the fashion industry.

I was a massive Barbie fan when I was little spending hours dressing her up for different events, but for me it’s the Lammily doll all the way now. For younger girls she’s a real role model, with real proportions and for us adults the PR and marketing campaign behind her is a real eye opener to the unrealistic targets and goals we set ourselves as women.