Labels are for cans, not people

Labels are for cans, not people

10 July 2015 | Pic PR

If any of you have ever read any of my previous blogs you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Coca-Cola marketing machine. Their campaigns are always relevant, inclusive and fun. And their latest offering is no different and it brings with it an important message – as part of Ramadan the iconic brand is asking everyone to imagine a world without labels, and so, for the duration of the campaign the company is dropping its own label.

In middle-eastern countries for Ramadan Coca-Cola has released a new version of their can with no logo but simply displaying their iconic ribbon signature and these are intended to promote tolerance and open-mindedness with the strapline on the back of the can “Labels are for cans, not people” reinforcing this.

The new look can has been launched alongside a video which aims to highlight how easy it is to make presumptions of who people are based on what they look like and how these presumptions can be very very wrong. A number of people are seated around a table in the dark and each talks about themself, their job, interests and hobbies. When the lights come back on they are surprised to see how different they look to how they had imagined each other. If you get a few minutes do check out the video – it really does give food for thought!

In my opinion this is a great campaign from Coca-Cola, it’s relevant and interesting and does make you sit up and take notice. The fact that they can also remove their label from the product leaving behind only their symbol also goes to show the power and success behind the brand. For me, this one of their best campaigns to date, with a great message that people should really sit up and take heed of. Well done to Coca-Cola once again on a fantastic, relevant and thought provoking brand campaign.