Kindness is a PR virtue

09 May 2016 | Lloyd Hughes

It really is remarkable how a small act of kindness can go a long way. In this instance, a very long way.

Morrisons’, by way of its staff, has been receiving some great PR coverage over the weekend as one of its cashiers has been widely praised for the kind way in which she dealt with the blind, autistic children of a customer.

A mother by the name of Amanda Wilkins posted on the Morrisons’ Facebook page about the act of kindness and the post has since been shared over 90,000 times with half a million likes.

According to Amanda, a checkout worker named Lin recognised that her children were struggling and going into “meltdown” (as she referred to it), and reacted as she saw best, which was to invite one of the daughters around to her side of the till to help scan the items in. This worked wonders as the child, Holly, “loves playing shops,” apparently. 

In her post the grateful mother acknowledged the difficulty of going shopping and was full of praise for Lin’s decision to help her rather than judge her.

This type of PR can’t be bought, and whilst it’s very much focused on the individual, Morrisons is basking in the reflected glow of the light currently being shone on Lin. Her manager was quick to jump on the opportunity and presented her with a bouquet of flowers in a photo. Whilst the PR cynic in me questions how natural this particular aspect of the incident was, it’s a warm and well thought out reaction to Lin’s kind display, which has reflected well on the company.

A degree of training can certainly help with this scenario, but much of it is down to a person’s intuition. So whilst Morrisons will no doubt be pleased, it’s Lin who is the real star. Well done, Lin!