Kind Bar PR

05 December 2016 | Lloyd Hughes

A bit of a heart-warming PR story here for today’s blog as an octogenarian war veteran starts his new job at a café.

Joe Bartley is an 89-year-old widower who served with the Airborne Forces in Palestine after the Second World War and has lived alone since his wife died 2 years ago. With no children and no other family to speak of, Joe was faced with intense loneliness in his flat, so, searching for a solution, he placed an advert in his local paper asking for regular part time work to stop him, in his words ‘dying of boredom.’

It’s oft reported that the biggest cause of death in old age is retirement, and with Mr Bartley having led an active life, his age-related idleness and lack of interaction with other people was taking a heavy toll on him.

The advert proved to work wonders though, with it generating a lot of publicity, and subsequently  what Joe was after – regular work.

A local café, the Cantina Kitchen and Bar in Paignton, Devon, responded to the ad, offering Joe a 20-hours a week role. His new duties see him helping to prepare food, cleaning tables, serving mince pies and ‘charming clientele’.

This weekend marked the beginning of his new employment, and upon entering the café he was met with applause from the regulars and customers who were present.

It’s great PR for the Cantina Kitchen as the establishment and those that run it will be regarded as good-hearted, kind-natured sorts who are willing to help those in need.

In reward for the kind offer, it’s also seen the place widely name dropped and I’m sure people will be tempted to drop in purely to say hello to Joe Bartley. This kind of uplifting story is always great to see and whilst I’m sure the people at the Cantina Kitchen had the best intentions at heart, they’ve certainly benefitted from some cracking PR.

Let’s just hope this endeavour is a long term one and not a PR flash in the pan.