Kentucky Fried Trolling

28 February 2017 | Billy Thompson

2017. The year where it has become trendy to eat clean. 

‘Clean Eating’ is to eat foods in their most natural state, avoiding anything processed.

Bloggers can be found all over the internet, sharing pictures of their healthy dishes, most of which contain raw veggies.

Each to their own, but definitely not for me.

It’s typical to see brands latching onto trends, but when KFC announced it was launching a new clean eating burger last week, it left a lot of people confused.

The burger which consists of a ‘chia-seeded cauliflower bun’, ‘unsweetened almond yoghurt’, ‘ice cube relish’, ‘spiralised chicken breast’ and ‘100% British kale’, is in collaboration with clean eating blogger, Figgy Poppleton-Rice.

This is where lots of people became sceptical. Figgy’s Instagram, which contains lots of ridiculous veggie-based quotes and odd clean eating dishes, was only set up a few days prior to KFC’s announcement. 

The account is clearly just a parody mocking the typical clean eating blogger.

However, some Twitter users still weren’t sure until today, when KFC revealed in a new video that this whole bizarre campaign was just a prank to launch its new burger, ‘The Dirty Louisiana’.

The video shows the fake blogger making the clean eating burger herself, before she is interrupted by a falling sign with a picture of the ‘Dirty Louisiana’.

The real burger which contains a fried chicken fillet, a hash brown, two layers of cheese and three different sauces, definitely fits in better at KFC.

I found this whole campaign pretty hilarious. It’s original, it’s gained lots of press coverage and has built up a big talking point on social media.

It’s served its purpose too, as after seeing the new ‘Dirty Louisiana’ burger I now want to drive to KFC and scoff one down. 

So much for clean eating.