Jurassic Station

Jurassic Station

10 June 2015 | Lloyd Hughes

There was a nice stunt in the news this week from the PR team working on behalf of Jurassic World, the latest instalment of the Jurassic Park series of films.

The stunt consisted of a large steel crate left in Waterloo Station for a week, with signage on the side indicating that it contained ‘Danger’ and ‘Predatory Livestock’, along with a cordon around it so that people couldn’t get too close. Other than the signs there wasn’t too much to indicate what the crate was about. However tweets from the Universal PicturesUK account served to give it away…

The left alone crate did well on social media with people posing for pictures alongside it, hashtagging the phenomenon as they did, with curiosity abounding about what it could contain. This social popularity saw it reach the top of Reddit, as well as featuring on several media outlet websites that included the Telegraph, Event Magazine and Yahoo.

At the weekend the crate was then seemingly violently opened, with the doors forced apart and four ‘escaped’ velociraptors surrounding it, alongside a couple of park ‘handlers’. The dinosaurs proved a popular (rather than terror inducing) photo opportunity, with the escapees providing an extra boost for the social media chatter about the film.

The stunt probably cost a fair whack to implement but it certainly created a buzz and (once you get past the huge model velociraptors) is actually fairly straightforward to produce. An intriguing box to get people talking, followed by an eye-catching finale, and all in a prime public location. Nicely done and one that helps to generate interest about the film ahead of it’s release.