27 May 2015 | Lloyd Hughes

The online dating game is becoming increasingly competitive with more and more apps appearing and a few doing some serious headline grabbing. Tinder and the term ‘swiping right’ have come from nowhere to practically become fixtures in the singleton’s lexicon.

This means that more traditional dating websites have to up their game if they want to gain sufficient attention and tip the scales in their favour. In light of this has made a decent PR attempt, opting to send a London-based blogger to experience dating around the world.

It plans to send Laila Swann, a travel and lifestyle blogger, to five different cities around the world, hoping to establish if the French really are romantic, the Spanish actually are sophisticated, New Yorkers’ are genuinely no nonsense, and if the English are tanked up hooligans looking for a dustup (ok, maybe not the last one).

She’s off to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Stockholm and New York in her role as ‘date explorer’ – with picking up the bill whilst arranging her dates.

I’m sure it’ll end up as a fairly pricey stunt when you factor in room costs, travel costs and day-to-day/date expenses, but with the ‘Laila Loves’ blog having 275,000 Twitter followers, 47,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 followers on Instagram, can expect a decent social return as well as associated press coverage as she undertakes her dating odyssey.

Bloggers are becoming ever more influential, with some commanding as much clout as more traditional forms of media, which mean the opportunity to utilise a popular blogger to suit your marketing needs is certainly a good call. Whilst Laila basks in the glow of a Rio sunset, will be basking in the glow of blog coverage driving traffic to its website.

On another note, I can’t help but go green-eyed with envy when I look at some of the freebies that bloggers get given. Travel bloggers especially tend to get a magnificent deal. Free holidays and all you have to do in return is write a bit and take a few pictures? Yes please! Maybe I’ll start a PR blog and see what things come my way…oh wait.