In the doghouse

07 March 2017 | Billy Thompson

Ever fancied bathing in a hot tub full of beer? I certainly haven’t, I’d prefer to have a pint, but hey, maybe I’m just boring.

For those of you who like the idea of a beer-filled hot tub, then your luck is in, as Scottish craft beer company, Brewdog, is opening a beer themed hotel.

The hotel, which unfortunately is opening in America (we will have to stick to our trusty local pub for now), will be full of everything a beer lover needs... BEER!

Guests can enjoy beer for breakfast, on tap in every room and even enjoy a cold one straight out of the fridge in the shower. There will even be beer spa treatments such as malted barley massages and hop face masks.

Brewdog released a promo video to show exactly what the guests experience will be like. Beer-filled hot tub aside, I can say I’m into it!

As far as PR campaigns go, this a pretty big one. So big in fact that Brewdog has asked people to donate on Indiegogo, to help fund this whole project. Luckily the funding target has already been met, so we might be seeing ‘The Doghouse’ hotel opening soon.

Brewdog is no stranger to pulling off PR campaigns. Only last month the company announced it was offering its employees paid puppy leave. This received lots of press and social media coverage.

Brewdog certainly knows what it’s doing PR wise.