If Carlsberg did bars…

22 August 2018 | Jo Doverman

We all know the adverts from many moons ago - ‘if Carlsberg did x, y, z, they’d probably be the best in the world”.  Their arrogance won over the nation and the strong campaign was successful worldwide.

Whilst Carlsberg has gone a little quiet with TV adverts lately – I think mostly due to the fact you can’t be seen to advertise alcohol, sweets, or fun these days – its creative team has gone in with a cheeky PR stunt instead.

What is popular however (in absence of binge drinking and chocolate munching), is the very minimalist, sustainable and Danish way of living. It just so happens Carlsberg is also Danish, so it’s a beautiful combination really. We all want to keep the planet in tip-top shape (well, most of us), so merging this trend with the confidently marketed lager brand is a smart PR move.

In a bid to highlight our addiction to mobile phones and computer screens, Carlsberg enlisted the help of six Brits who were looking to escape modern day life to build the delightful ‘Carlsberg Cabin’. So much like the fact we are building a hotel because we really know our onions when it comes to hospitality, Carlsberg have built a bar because they really know a thing or two about socialising.

The super smart wooden cabin was part of a wider project called ‘Build the Danish Way’, which was designed to bring an element of the gloriously simple Danish way of life to the UK. The six strangers set out on a week-long project, based in north Cornwall, and built from scratch the six-bed, wooden cabin pub.

The off-the-grid cabin is built from only sustainable materials, powered by a waterfall, caters for up to six overnight guests and is complete with a beer pump (of course). This isn’t just a half-hearted PR stunt either, you can actually hire out the Carlsberg Cabin for about £60pp – and it comes with pre-stocked beer!

Really great to see a massive brand tapping into all the key issues swimming about in the press lately - social media is bad for your mental health, our energy consumption is the cause of global warming and so forth – to create a blooming lovely and wholesome little project for anyone with about £60 to spare to enjoy!