If Bulmer

If Bulmer's did bars...

16 July 2015 | Pic PR

Novelty bars seem to be the norm these days and most of the time, a complete success. From non-alcoholic ‘dry bars’ to breakfast cereal cafes and even retro board games bars, there’s certainly something new cropping up every month or so!

But the bright ideas don’t stop there – Bulmer’s PR team came up with a colourless bar, and it’s totally unique. A world first you might say. Dull, drab and boring – it is not.

In Shoreditch, London, they designed a totally black and white pop up bar. Think silent movies, films your gran watches and those quirky mime artists.

Set designers, rumoured to have worked on Game of Thrones and the Gladiator, completely removed the colour out of the walls, furnishings, games and even the staff who completed their look with tinted contact lenses. Staff spent an hour in hair and make up perfecting their look and fooling guests into thinking they’d stepped back in time.

This was, of course, some great PR work for Bulmer’s. Their rather delicious sounding, new Blood Orange flavoured cider has just joined the ranks and sat proudly behind the bar, along with their other colourful concoctions as the only pop of colour for the whole evening.

Guests were invited to dress brightly and join them for a colourful beverage and a spot of black and white Ping-Pong.

The ‘LiveColourful’ Bar has already been and gone, a swift 2 evening event last week, which is unlikely to pop up again anytime soon. But, what a great idea and certainly on trend with the novelty bars theme sweeping the nation.

Fingers crossed this is the start of a new advertising trend for drinks companies. A pop up wine bar wouldn’t be a bad idea, whatever the theme, just sayin’…