I Heart Burgers

09 February 2018 | Kate Owens

Valentine’s Day is upon us – less than a week to go! It’s a time of year both loved and hated by the nation, for those loved up in new relationships it’s an adoring time to be with your other-half. However, for those who are single and think they have been left on the shelf, it can be another story.

Although, for those single or in a relationship, V-Day always offers the perfect excuse to stay in and have a romantic meal for two. M&S is sure to have a special “Dine-in” for Valentine’s day and even Lidl has launched its very own Valentine’s Meal Deal this year, including a bottle of champers… classy!

But what’s not so ‘classy’ and I hate to say it, (as this supermarket is a firm favourite of mine) are the heart-shaped burgers Morrisons has on offer! Now bear with me – but when someone says a “heart burger”, the first thing that spring to mind is… a burger made of cow hearts. Gross, I know.

However, I can assure you that Morrisons’ heart-shaped burgers are made from 100% Scotch Beef. And you can also pick up a pair of ‘The Best Valentine’s Heart Cheese Truckles’ for just £2. Now, I think Morrisons’ has tried to up-market these burgers using the name above. What is a truckle? Well, I can tell you that it depicts a shape of cheese! And apparently, Morrisons has launched these burgers after it conducted a survey with results that showed 58% of people will be eating in this Valentine’s Day.

I love a home-cooked meal, however if my other half came through the front-door with some heart burgers, I’m not sure exactly how I’d react if we’d opted to eat in rather than head to a restaurant. I think I’d rather turn them into spaghetti and meatballs and get online to Deliveroo instead!

But Morrisons’ burger expert (I kid thee not), Paul Allman has stated that: “Customers love the quality of our burgers, so we’re giving them a ‘whole-hearted’ makeover. They’re also brilliant value.”

Love the pun, Paul…. Guess the jury’s out on this one, I’m looking forward to hearing the reviews.