I dough-nut believe it!

10 May 2016 | Pic PR

Social media is a great tool to attract attention from a variety of audiences. Twitter is particularly significant for brands who want to build suspense or excitement about an upcoming project or new product – which is exactly what a certain global doughnut company has done…

A ‘leaked’ email about a new Krispy Kreme flavour has gone viral, after a number of unsuspecting recipients received a memo regarding a Nutella-filled doughnut.

It happens to the best of us, sending the odd message here and there to the wrong person, but I can’t imagine Krispy Kreme headquarters being too pleased with the marketing team for spilling the beans on confidential doughnut details. Or are they?

The email, addressed to ‘store managers’, somehow reached the inboxes of a number of individuals in the UK last week, which promptly led to speculation across social media after a number of skeptical tweets that the leak was actually a marketing stunt. In fact, #KrispyKreme started trending on Twitter after users were quick to comment on the news.

Now, there’re a couple of holes to this story.

One being the list of side effects for ‘extreme fans’, which was highlighted during its customer testing process. Fainting, dribbling, over-excitement…I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never found myself FAINTING after eating a doughnut. Maybe I’m yet to experience such doughnut euphoria.

If Krispy Kreme had issued a statement with a simple apology for how the news was announced, I might have believed the whole thing might have been an unfortunate error. However, they also issued a press release with details of the launch event in London, where an ATM-style hole-in-the-wall will dispense the limited edition Nutella doughnut.

Coincidentally, this week also happens to be #NationalDoughnutWeek. Hmm, how convenient.

The spokesperson for Krispy Kreme’s PR agency has simply responded to the ‘leak’ accusations with, "we understand that it's a leak." Brilliant!

Stunt or not, it’s made me crave a nutty chocolate doughnut now!