House of Horrors

19 July 2018 | Aaron Wise

Tut-tut Persimmon Homes. I’m not at all surprised at hearing about the lack of care and unfinished work on one of its developments in Newquay, Cornwall.

Why? Because I recently bought a property built by Persimmon Homes. *Cue gasps*

Had I known the turmoilLucy and Guy Sousse have suffered at the hands of the home builder, I might have thought twice. The couple have had to live for more than a year in a new build property which has 90 different faults awaiting to be fixed, including patio doors that don’t shut properly and nails sticking out the stairs!

OK, my ordeal isn’t as distressing, so you can put the mini violin away. But having moved into what my girlfriend and I believed was our dream home back in March, we soon discovered it to be more of a house of horrors.

Since moving in over Easter weekend, the excitement of owning our first apartment swiftly faded as we had to call out contractors to install cables, fix our front door which didn’t shut properly, fix a bath panel that hadn’t even been screwed in and tighten our taps which were loose and swivelled as you turned them.

Living in an apartment, you obviously need some form of intercom, but ours hasn’t worked for almost three months! We only had it fixed yesterday! You won’t believe the amount of Domino’s pizza I’ve missed out on due to the delivery guy giving up after endless attempts of trying to buzz through to our apartment. Really cheesed me off (sorry).

In all seriousness though, this isn’t acceptable. We might have had our problems fixed now but the homeowners in Newquay are still waiting and have been waiting for longer and for bigger problems to be fixed. I don’t blame them for sticking signs in their windows urging people not to buy homes built by Persimmon.

This seems to be an ongoing problem across many of its developments, so hopefully this piece of bad publicity will see them hastily pick up the phone to Bob the Builder. Mind you, with over a year’s worth of work still needing to be carried out, they may as well call in Scoop, Muck and Dizzy too.