Hot water bottles for the homeless

28 September 2018 | Becky White

It’s a sad reality that there are far too many homeless people on the streets these days, and as the dark evenings are drawing in and the cold weather is surfacing, the suffering is only going to increase in the winter months.

In a bid to make the cold weather a little more bearable for the homeless, an incredibly kind group of people named the ‘Hot Water Bottle Network’ have created a campaign to keep those less fortunate warm this winter. Hot water bottles are now being donated in cities across the country, including Brighton and Bristol, before being hung on tree branches for homeless people.

Each hot water bottle contains details of nearby businesses who have generously agreed to provide the hot water needed to fill the bottles. Additionally, Facebook groups have been created in these areas so that more people are encouraged to donate bottles, as well as providing businesses a platform for advertising their hot water offerings.

Not only is this a great way to stop homeless people from suffering in the cold, it’s also great PR for the businesses involved. They’re doing good for the poor whilst also highlighting themselves as people who care about more than just profits, creating a personality for their branding that boasts generosity and kindness.

The Hot Water Bottle Network hopes to spread this campaign far and wide, with Cardiff as its next proposed destination. This life-saving campaign could be the start of a vast improvement in homeless survivors though the winter, and I, for one, hope that many similar movements are created in future to give homeless sufferers comfort and hope.

If you're interested in getting involved, you can search ‘Hot Water Bottle Network’ on Facebook to sign up your business or donate a water bottle in your local area.