Hopkins axed

26 May 2017 | Pic PR

Intern Liz gives the lowdown on Katie Hopkins' sacking from LBC.

We all know the infamous Katie Hopkins, who’s made a name for herself by never holding her tongue on topics from terrorism to children’s names and obesity.

She has always done her fair share of writing brutally ‘honest’ articles on sensitive topics and posting controversial tweets. It’s now become expected of her to publish something biting on the latest news stories, but I don’t think anybody ever anticipated it going this far.

Over the past few days, she has been her usual outspoken self about the tragic Manchester terrorist attack, claiming on Twitter that ‘we need a final solution’. Her tweet has since been removed and the Metropolitan Police has received multiple complaints as it appears to reference the term used by the Nazis for the Holocaust.

Her tweet was posted amidst the thousands of others paying their respects to everyone affected by the tragedy. Manchester has really come together during this horrifying time, even managing to raise thousands of pounds for a homeless man who was there at the time helping injured children and their parents.

Since posting the tweet, LBC, a broadcast company Katie was working for, has made an agreement with her that she will leave her job at the radio station with immediate effect. It’s even been claimed that staff at the radio station “erupted into massive cheers” when they found out their colleague was leaving.

It seems the outspoken commentator pushed her controversial views a step too far this time and has really hit a nerve with a lot of people. The Holocaust was an appalling stain on human history and referencing it in that fashion is unacceptable in any circumstances, let alone in the wake of such a sickening terror attack.

Everybody of course has the right to be able to say what they want, and give their opinion on whatever they wish, but there are still lines that shouldn’t be crossed – especially when you’re such an influential figure in the public eye. Even with Hopkins being known for her scathing articles and contrarian opinions, it’s a real shock to see someone being so insensitive.

The release of Hopkins from her position at LBC was a logical step for the organisation – having someone so offensive, who shows a complete disregard for people’s feelings, representing your company is not something that reflects well on a brand.