Hold the chicken

07 July 2017 | Tom Carter

For any Game of Thrones’ fans, Hodor was an iconic and much loved yet tragic character of the series.

Without revealing too many spoilers for those who haven’t seen the show, his name ‘Hodor’ was revealed to be an abbreviation of the term ‘Hold the door’ – something of big significance in series six.

The episode ‘The Door’, where the origins of the name were revealed, left many viewers emotionally distraught due to its extremely sad climax.

KFC has tapped into the emotion of that episode with its latest television advert, as it brought in Kristian Nairn (the actor who played Hodor) to ‘work’ at one of its restaurants.

In the midst of a lunchtime rush, ‘Hodor’ is swamped by a herd of hangry customers bearing down on him demanding chicken and fries. In scenes reminiscent of the television series, Hodor keeps receiving orders for chicken and fries. Bewildered and overwhelmed, he continuously repeats the phrase ‘chicken and fries’, ‘chicken and fries’, ‘chicken and fries’ as he takes people’s orders until it’s eventually shortened to what sounds like ‘chicken and rice’ (much like how ‘Hold the door!’ becomes Hodor in the television series of GoT). At the mention of ‘chicken and rice’ a calm customer steps forward and says ‘yep, that’s mine’ before walking away with his order of chicken and rice – a new concept for the KFC menu.

It was only matter of time before a brand jumped on the Hodor story line, but it was neatly done by KFC and a genuinely funny advert. Of course it helps that chicken and fries – a staple part of the KFC menu – neatly shortens to chicken and rice, but well done to the marketing department for spotting the opportunity.

There’s been a lot of coverage online as well as a lot of interest on social media where it’s been well received. With the seventh and final series due to begin shortly, tapping into the hunger of an eagerly anticipating Games of Thrones audience is just the ticket to help boost your brand.