Hipster weddings

10 July 2017 | Lloyd Hughes

Shoreditch is well known for being hipster central. We used to have a client based there and I’d rock up for meetings in my traditional PR uniform of chinos, boat shoes and gingham shirt – fine for the countryside, but a little bit of a sore thumb in Shoreditch. I was never cool enough.

But while I wasn’t exactly tapping into the Shoreditch vibe, a hotel in the area has very much done so through the launch of a ‘hipster wedding package’.

The Andaz London Liverpool Street, a 5-star hotel, has put together its “Get Shore-hitched” promotion, which offers several elements that should be suitably appealing to any hipsters looking to tie the knot. These include handcrafted graffiti invitations created by street artists, while the happy couple can also get complimentary tattoos done as part of the service, as well as enjoying a wedding breakfast menu that’s been put together from Shoreditch street vendors in the nearby vicinity. The bride’s dress can also be recycled by a local Shoreditch designer into an outfit to be used again and again.

It’s a good if unspectacular PR stunt that plays nicely on the wordplay. It’s got some great coverage though, appearing on Stylist, Metro, Good Housekeeping and more.

This a really nice example of a hotel thinking about its audience and what it’s got that can make it standout. I don’t think it would quite work for what I have in mind as my idea of the big day, but I’m sure there are plenty of couples out there it would appeal to. But even if it doesn’t, it’s been some nice brand exposure for the hotel.