Hilary Duff swipes right

Hilary Duff swipes right

01 May 2015 | Pic PR

This week I have been reading a lot about Tinder.

Not because I’m single.

Not because I’m someone that has used, OK, OK, uses the popular app.

No. The reason it’s been in the news thus leading to me reading about it this week, is because celebrity Hilary Duff also uses it.

Now for those who don’t know Tinder is a dating app for your phone.

It is very superficial giving users a small space to write details about themselves, which most people don’t even bother doing.

Users then upload photos and swipe right to other people’s photos when they think they look good, are in the right age range and close proximity and left to the ones they don’t like.

If two people both swipe right you’re a match and can start chatting. If not, no one has to know.

Right, now you know.

So this week the app has hit the headlines as former child star, movie actress and singer, Hilary Duff revealed to radio host Ryan Seacrest she has started using the app.

Now like many users, Duff is single, separated from her ice hockey player husband and a mother to one. All quite normal (ish).

She is 27 and her tag line is “Let’s get pizza”.

She also – again like many others – started using the app after hanging out with some friends. I imagine being egged on by coupled up people to swipe right, SWIPE RIGHT, happens to 99 per cent of all female Tinder users.

The difference is of course that Duff is famous.

This is why her being on Tinder is news worthy and me being on Tinder is of no consequence to anyone – except maybe (hopefully) my matches.

Her fame is why her decision to date like a normal person is great PR for Tinder.

The app has received media attention in the past, when it started obviously, when it’s money making skills are discussed and also in an article written for a popular website by a friend of mine who swiped right for everyone as a kind of social experiment. She didn’t find Mr Right by the way.

But this latest story has sparked conversation about what other celebrities have allegedly used the app.

It’s also led to articles praising the app, stating why it’s great for daters, and this is all great PR that quite frankly you can’t pay for.

Duff has also spoken about the group date her matching led to. Another bit of positive PR proving that the app leads to dates with nice people.

As for the singer she is currently in the studio and busy promoting her new single Sparks, which is the latest track from her album, due to be released this summer.

What’s that I hear? No, you cynics. This surely isn’t a PR stunt for Duff herself? I won’t have it.

But could it be that this double PR for Duff and Tinder was a plan?

Well if it was it’s worked. She’s all over the internet and people are talking about her once again, or maybe for the first time ever.

Personally, good PR or not, I like to believe she’s just looking for love….