Hellmann’s mayonnaise is revolting

05 September 2019 | Lucy Bishop
No, I’m not referring to the taste of its mayonnaise, Hellmann’s has started a revolution to tackle the excess plastic and food waste created by its products.

This campaign was started back in April when Hellmann’s pledged that all of its Mayo products in the US will be made from 100% recycled plastic by 2020 and already (with a few months to go) it’s successfully met this target. So, a huge pat on the back to Hellmann’s as according to its website it will be saving 13,000 metric tons of virgin plastic. This is a huge step in the right direction to help reduce plastic waste, something that hopefully other brands will follow suit with in the near future.

Another part of its revolution is that Hellmann’s will be appearing at the Bristol Street Food Awards (13th and 14th September) to serve up a menu using commonly wasted foods to once again raise awareness of how much waste is produced. This comes after recent research conducted by Hellmann’s revealed 99% of people are clueless as to how much food they are throwing away each year - with a total of 4.4 million tonnes of food being chucked away across the UK each year!

A high percentage of what we throw away each and every day is still perfectly good to eat, whether it be a slightly bruised apple or a loaf of stale bread this wastage is usually down to us trusting those tiny little ‘best before’ numbers on food and throwing out anything that has ‘expired’ and not even giving it a second thought that it can be repurposed. This is surely something that we’re all guilty of doing.

Hellmann’s is appearing at the Bristol Street Food Awards as not only will it be providing tips on how people can utilise and use leftovers to make perfectly good, healthy meals. As well as offering visitors the chance to sample food such as cheddar bites in homemade breadcrumbs & Hellmann’s Tabasco Mayo, which is a perfect way to use stale bread in a dish.

Alongside its pop up at the Food Awards Hellmann’s is also donating to 8th Plate, a project that re-distributes festival food waste as ready meals for vulnerable people in society. Essentially killing two birds with one stone by decreasing food waste and ensuring that vulnerable members of society are being fed - a great cause to back. The donation pledged by Hellmann’s will allow the charity to recover nearly 5,000 meals for local food banks and homeless shelters.

Demonstrating that even large companies like Hellmann’s can take an interest in the environment around them, taking small steps to help reduce climate change and reaping the rewards by gaining positive PR for the brand.