Havoc at Harrods

06 May 2016 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Publically shaming your deceitful other half has just been notched up to a whole new level, it would appear.

A 16 plate, £90,000 Range Rover was sprawled with red graffiti outside Harrods on Tuesday. I’m sure the owner wasn’t too impressed as they were probably only there for some afternoon shopping.

The spray paint almost covered every white body panel on the 4x4, with ‘CHEATER’ written on each side of the expensive car.

Obviously the car attracted the attention of every tourist and living resident of Knightsbridge, but after the video stormed through social media, the story gained worldwide press coverage.

This has now led me to believe that this is probably a bizarre PR stunt. If this was a real scenario from a genuine relationship, I’m sure the girlfriend (presuming it was a female) would have written something a bit more offensive, rather than a few tame comments like ‘Cheater’ or ‘I hope she was worth it’.

If she’d written profanities and insults all over the vehicle – the post wouldn’t have been broadcasted so widely over the digital world. It might still have gone ‘viral’, but it wouldn’t have gained the same level of press coverage due to censorship concerns.

Looking at it, you might think it could be a Range Rover stunt as the brand has gained lots of exposure and the price to re-spray the car (if it even needed that rather than a quick wash) would cost it pence in comparison to the costs of global advertising fees. However, the prestigious nature of the brand means it’s unlikely to resort to a stunt of this nature. But if you look closer at the images, despite it being touted as a Range Rover in many an article, it’s actually a Revere, a firm of ‘luxury tuners’ which creates bespoke vehicles from existing car models.

Funnily enough, Revere has a Range Rover Vogue Knightsbridge edition. What a strange coincidence that this unfortunate ‘cheater’ happened to be shopping in a world famous Knightsbridge store. If I’m wrong and this is a genuine story from a now broken relationship, the owner of the Revere Range Rover is going to be pretty annoyed. To brighten their day even further, the driver also received a hefty £130 parking fine for parking on the double yellow lines outside of Harrods, which is a bit harsh in the circumstance.

I suspect though that Revere is willing to pay for a respray and the parking fine in order to get such wide ranging coverage. It’s a bit of a cheap and nasty stunt here, but coverage is coverage.

Two lessons that could be learnt from this blog post is that if you’re faithful in your relationship and don’t park on double yellow lines, you will live a happier life. Another, is that if you spray paint an expensive car outside Harrods, you’ll get loads of PR coverage.