Has John Lewis done it again?

10 November 2016 | Jess Seal

As EVERYONE will now know (unless you’ve been hiding under the proverbial rock with a blindfold and ear plugs), the new John Lewis advert has officially landed. And the advert is always a pretty big deal, as Lloyd blogged about on Monday.

But now it’s actually here, sit back, relax and enjoy as the story of Buster the dog unfolds.

We all watched it this morning at Pic HQ and everyone gave a similar reaction of, “yeah, it’s ok.” As soon as I watched it, I messaged my friends who said they had also all watched it with their work colleagues and again the feedback was similar, “yeah, it’s ok.”

I can only imagine that most offices across the country have been watching the advert throughout the day all discussing what they thought, whether the song choice is good, and comparing it to last year.

And the verdict is in…it’s not as good as previous ones.

Stuart Heritage from the Guardian has even gone as far to compare Buster the dog to Donald Trump, drawing comparisons to the US elections – which when you read his article, it does stop and make you think twice.

I actually feel sorry for John Lewis. It has so much pressure to make a Christmas advert that is going to make people stop and say ‘Wow, it’s amazing! Watch this’ and every year, reactions are the same as today's. After a couple of watches however, and as Christmas slowly draws closer, the advert will grow on us and I’m sure we’ll all love it.

My initial reaction was the same as everyone else, “Yeah it’s ok” but the more I read about the reasoning behind its creation, the more I love it.

2016 hasn’t been the best of years for us in the UK. We’ve had some of the nation’s greatest talents pass away, we’ve had to deal with that big mess that is Brexit, and worst of all, the announcement of no more Mary and Paul hitting our screens on the Great British Bake Off next year 

With all this in mind, John Lewis thought, let’s not do a tear jerker this year, let’s make everyone laugh and smile and remember those simple things in life that we should be grateful for.

And I’m with you, JL! Let’s forget about the mess that has been 2016 and simply enjoy Christmas with love and laughter. Can I get a whoop whoop!

Don’t get me wrong, John Lewis knows what it's doing in terms of PR! Everyone is talking about Buster the dog. It’s been covered by all the press, it’s trending on Twitter and they’re selling merchandise to help raise money for The Wild Life Trust.

I truly believe however, that the real aim of the advert is to make people smile this Christmas. So let’s all just leave John Lewis alone* and enjoy the frankly, brilliant and above all happy advert the much loved brand has created. 

* in screaming “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” voice.