Happy 60th to Guinness World Records!

Happy 60th to Guinness World Records!

15 September 2014 | Pic PR

The Guinness World Records has often been a target for extravagant PR stunts.

The 60th Anniversary edition of the previously named ‘Guinness Book of Records’ has just been published. The book is renowned for containing both the weird and the wonderful. This new publication is rumoured to contain everything from the world’s largest usable golf club (14 feet five inches – Karsten Maas) and the largest collection of James Bond memorabilia (12,463 items – Nick Bennett) to the biggest gob (3.4 inches – JJ Bittner).

The concept has had the public hooked for multiple years, but now the Internet and viral videos are taking over – Is there still a market for these books? Tom Tivnan, of The Bookseller, believes that the publishers have shown remarkable insight in making over their brand.

In 2002, The Guinness World Records started to take in to consideration who they were aiming at, making their editions glossier, more colourful and targeted towards children. They successfully created a buzz around getting everyday members of the public to start to attempt their own records, not only the extraordinary. To this day, the Guinness World Records offices continue to receive in excess of 1000 entries a week. So, that just goes to prove how popular it is 60 years on!

With such competition from the Internet, you’d be surprised to hear that it was the fifth best selling book last year in the UK, having over 458 000 copies sold. Not only that but it remains the best-selling copyrighted book of all time

The media love it and the public love it!