Hamming it up

03 June 2016 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

When it’s time for your annual service or MOT, do you ever feel embarrassed about the clutter left inside your car? Well rest assured, that your messy interior is more than likely an improvement, in comparison to other cars that Kwik Fit mechanics have seen over the years.

Kwik Fit have released a weird list, stating their top 10 discoveries of obscure items whilst repairing cars. These poor technicians have discovered everything from a sex toy in the glove box, to a headstone (on the back seat) with the customers’ name on it and even a set of used false teeth.

 However, several hamsters have been found and Kwik Fit released the loving story of ‘Jaffa’s’ rescue (Jaffa was found in the glove compartment after a little girl lost her pet. She later wrote to Kwik Fit thanking them for finding her beloved Hamster). The car giants, then released this loving rescue story of Jaffa to the public. With amazing feedback from everyone, the decision had been made and they decided to release a 12ft pedal-powered hamster out into the streets of London. The humongous hamster took 3 months to make, but the tried and tested ‘make it big or float it down the Thames’ method of PR always works a charm.

 Other discoveries apparently consisted of a live python, a £10,000 engagement ring, a prosthetic human hand and even a bird nest. 619 Kwik Fit service centres were surveyed and 75 operation mangers helped to produce this fantastically (some might say conveniently) weird list.

 Since the stunt, a video has been released - ‘Jaffa’s Grand Day Out’ - which has had over 260,000 views, creating great PR for the company.