H2Only for 10 days?

H2Only for 10 days?

29 May 2015 | David Barrett

This week the H2Only campaign is asking people to give up their usual daily drinks treats for 10 days including tea, coffee, wine, beer and fizzy drinks to help the RNL save lives at sea.

This is a really great campaign that has a fantastic website behind it that provides everything you need to get you started, help you figure out how much you’re saving and makes it easy to donate this money to the RNL. However, I had no idea this campaign was running until their latest stunt – London’s first water-only bar!

A bar opened for one day only in London’s Shoreditch and follows a tend of chic cafes that have been popping up recently serving only one type of food for example cereal. The “bar” which was open for business today consisted of one cold-water tap and a stack of paper cups and was used to raise awareness of the campaign. PR genius really, hardly any overheads, a nice little profit to be made and a great way to get media attention.

The challenge is only for 10 days, 2nd – 12th June and it’s a great cause. So while it will probably be more of a challenge for our colleagues who have to deal with our caffeine or sugar deprived mood-swings it really is an opportunity to give back to a deserving organisation.

If the men and women who volunteer their time to the RNL can give up their time so willingly to get out there and save lives in all weather conditions I’m sure we can do without some liquid treats for a few days. So lets get drinking water, not only will it raise he profile of the RNL and money for the charity in the process it may also help flush those nasty toxins out to give way for clearer, healthier skin – win win in my book.