Grin and ‘bare’ it

07 November 2017 | Liz Bowen

In today’s celebrity-obsessed society, a familiar face struggles to walk out of their front door without the photos being splashed all over the news or social media.

Granted, many of those seeking the limelight give news outlets an easy ride, inundating their own personal social media channels with endless selfies and photographic accounts of their whereabouts.

However, there are those who respect their own privacy and while they may be considered ‘stars’ they are a far cry from many of the spotlight-obsessed reality stars who rely on regular paparazzi shots to keep them relevant.

It is these ‘stars’ then who often find themselves at the supposed mercy of the paparazzi when personal images are leaked. Numerous Hollywood stars and popstars have been victims of nude ‘leaks’ over the past few years and have had to justify personal actions which should have remained private. 

Taking control of your image is difficult when you’re a celebrity. So often there are those wishing to pull you down. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that one person who controls their image well is our old friend Taylor Swift. Swifty isn’t afraid to put herself on the line, often in the form of her self-written song lyrics, or poke fun of herself in her music videos.

So bravo then to fellow singer, Sia, who this week has taken a swipe at the paparazzi and taken control back after hearing that naked photos of her were being sold to the media by posting a nude photo on her Instagram page for ‘free’.

If you don’t know Sia, you may be more familiar with her appearing on stage or the red carpet in an oversized wig, covering her face. For an artist who so closely guards their identity Sia has been, quite literally, stripped bare.

In a world where ‘celebrities’ appearing in social consciousness in next to nothing is the new norm, that doesn’t mean there is an excuse for subjecting any celebrity, male or female, to this level of humiliation for no other reason than to make a quick buck.

Bravo then to Sia for not letting herself become a victim of the paparazzi and taking matters into her own hands. She has played the PR game and won. Far from being humiliated in the press, the headlines are not focused on her appearance but rather her choice to share it.