Gregory + Gregory = Greggs

30 May 2018 | Jess Seal

Sausage rolls, cheese & bean toasties, steak slices! The perfect hangover remedy when you’ve had a few too many wines the night before. Also, the perfect evening meal when you’re a student and living on your last couple of quid for the month!

But where would you usually go to purchase these delicious yet not so nutritious delicacies?

When I hear sausage roll, steak slice or my personal favourite, ‘the iced finger’, I automatically think of Greggs, and I’m sure most of you would do the same.

They say there is a Starbucks on every corner in America, well here in the UK, I’d say there is probably a Greggs – maybe not on every corner – but at least on every high street.

Greggs is known for its ‘dirty’ food, and we love it for that. But when you’re having a healthier day or simply fancy a light salad for lunch, you definitely wouldn’t think of heading to Greggs. Pret or Itsu, sure, but definitely not Greggs.

Yet did you know that Greggs actually serves delicatessen style lunches in store? Me neither, until I saw its recent campaign to raise awareness of the variety of food it serves as well as launch its new summer lunch menu.

Greggs has revealed a video today on YouTube which shows guests at a local ‘Foodies Festival’ trying out its new summer menu under the pseudonym Gregory and Gregory.

Greggs pitched up at the food festival as a hip London style deli with Gregory and Gregory branding. They served Greggs salads, vegan wraps, pasta and rice dishes in little sample portions and asked customers for feedback – all of which was very positive.

One gentleman even used the phrase ‘the avocado is so au fait at the moment, it definitely pops’. Now, when you hear someone speaking so profoundly about an avocado, you know you’re at a festival of food lovers.

When the customers asked where they can purchase the delicious food from, the staff revealed the Greggs sign. The reactions are priceless and really change your perception of the store.

This light-hearted campaign is so simple yet affective and certainly makes me want to head into Greggs to try out its new summer menu.

The campaign’s use of natural behind the scenes style video is what resonates well with the viewer and seeing real people enjoy healthy and light food from Greggs is what makes this campaign so memorable.

A great bit of PR here, especially with the use of video!

Now…what’s for lunch?

Editor's note - It turns out Lloyd went to uni with the 'au fait avocado' guy, who just so happens to be a trained actor. Now, we're not saying the fact he's an actor isn't pure coincidence...but that's a cracking (somewhat nonsensical) soundbite if it is! Either way though, it doesn't detract from the video's message, so nice work, Greggs!