The Great Diamond Rush

The Great Diamond Rush

15 September 2014 | Liz Bowen

This weekend Cheltenham was buzzing with hundreds of people searching for diamonds. Hopefuls joined the town’s first Great Diamond Rush, organised by Beards Jewellers, to raise money for charity.

The diamond quest raised £6,500 for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in Cheltenham and involved the whole town.

Ten diamonds were hidden in some of Cheltenham’s most famous areas such as The Daffodil restaurant, Leckhampton Hill, No.131 and Montpellier Chapter Hotel.
The diamonds had been on display in Beards jewellery store after arriving from New York and were worth £1,000 each.

Participants were able to buy treasure maps and Clue Makers who were wearing Maggie’s uniforms were all at strategic points across town and could offer hunters clues for an extra £5 donation.

The diamond treasure hunt even led to a marriage proposal, with one of the diamonds being turned into an engagement ring!

This PR stunt is a clear example of how to establish a relationship with your local audience. Not only did Beards involve the local community, they also partnered up with other local businesses. Plus all of the local media covered the event.

If you, as a company, are struggling to engage with your local scene then a good PR stunt or campaign is the way to go. PR can help you establish a strong relationship with your target audience from the get go. To find out more how we can help you engage with your local press or audience, get in touch!