Great Crack

Great Crack

21 April 2015 | Pic PR

I’m loving the fact I have chosen to write my first blog about toilets, but what I’m loving even more is what Beating Bowel Cancer has done with its latest campaign, ‘Lift the Lid’.

We are coming to the end of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month where the notoriously bashful diagnosis has sometimes prevented shy and naïve characters from getting the help they need. Whispers in the street about the “Big C” should be long gone by now and even though early diagnosis has a 97% survival rate, there are still many people ‘dying’ of embarrassment.

Throughout April, the charity arranged for a beefy bog roll of epic proportions to be scattered around several English cities. But this toilet roll isn’t any old ‘Andrex’ or ‘Charmin’, this roll of smooth derriere tissue is also a very loud drum that will work wonders in getting the attention of thousands of football fans this weekend at their final dumping ground: Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

The campaign aims to get the bowel cancer conversation flowing between friends and family so that we arrive at symptom understanding overload – hopefully wiping out the Bowel Cancer death rate through an increased knowledge of the importance of early treatment.

Around 50 campaigners will continue to, and have been on hand to, supply information and hand-outs regarding any aspect of Bowel Cancer that passers-by are unaware of. The bottom line of the campaign is that the more the public bang the drum for Bowel Cancer Awareness, the fewer sufferers there will be.

At the end of the day, the success of this simple word-of-mouth based campaign came down to how the audience absorbed the humorous spin on a sensitive issue. The risk of making a morbid subject such as Bowel Cancer a real talking point with locals is paying off as Bowel Cancer survivors have come forward to share their experiences with the disease, continuing the intended conversational buzz. This is especially great for a non-profit organisation where continued funding will be needed.

So who thought that April would be the time to beat the bum…? I mean drum! Well, now’s a good a time as any. Beating Bowel Cancer has well and truly ‘Lifted the Lid’, with awareness flushing all over the nation in the hope that the taboo will be broken and more people will be aware of symptoms. Great job guys, glad you didn’t poo-poo the idea!

Pretty bog standard really though, right?