Grab a pizza the action

Grab a pizza the action

12 August 2015 | Pic PR

Social media can be a powerful tool for your brand or company. In terms of PR, it’s a great way to spark off a campaign or competition and you can get especially creative with hashtags to keep it trending. The latest social media story in the headlines sees O2 and Three, the mobile network operators, in a feud over pleasing one pizza-loving Tweeter.

O2 recently ran a competition to promote the Priority Moments package, which was open to non O2 customers. O2 Priority ‘gives you treats to get your tail wagging every day’; free gig tickets and promotional offers are common treats for O2 customers.

In order to win a number of treats including pizza, cookies and cinema tickets, participants just needed to Tweet the provider with their address and the hashtag #waggytails.

Dan May, a pizza loving business development manager from Essex, took the opportunity to Tweet his work address out along with the competition hashtag. To his disappointment he did not ‘win’ nor did the O2 social media managers notice his Tweet.

Gutted over his loss, Dan decided to shake things up and Tweeted O2 claiming he might have to change network to rival provider, Three. He also casually mentioned that receiving some free ice-cream might make the whole ordeal a little more bearable.

Three were hot off the mark to grab a ‘pizza’ the action and immediately replied to Dan saying they’d #makeitright and were sending out pizza and ice cream to him right away.

It didn’t take long for O2 to see their campaign had been hijacked and subsequently offered Dan free pizza, every week, for the rest of the year!

Dan is obviously over the moon at his double pizza win and I’m sure he can’t wait to pig out every week until the New Year.

In an even bigger win, both O2 and Three have gained some massive coverage from doing very little. O2’s campaign was sure to get customers Tweeting and this kind of coverage all over the news today was completely unexpected, but welcomed with open arms no doubt.

I’m sure Three are feeling rather smug with the amount of retweets and stories too, seeing as they were accidentally caught up in the Twitter war.

The small cost that O2 will have to fork out every week for the next couple of months is well worth the amount of coverage they have received from just a couple of Tweets. I bet their tails are wagging…!