Go Green or Go Home

25 May 2016 | Pic PR

Imagine walking to work one morning and witnessing a giant green monkey floating down the river.

No, not something I have ever imagined either but London commuters had this reality recently when a Tea brand threw a PR stunt along the Thames.

If you’re going to sail a monkey down a river, you might as well do it on a large scale, which is exactly what PG Tips did. The impressive 20ft-high topiary was crafted from over 110,000 fabricated green tea leaves - go big or go home, as the saying goes…

In a grand attempt to raise awareness around its ‘Green Paper’ report, the famous mascot cruised all the way from Essex to central London in an elaborate bid to promote PG Tips’ green tea project. Apparently they have discovered that the colour green helps to boost positivity and enhances outlook on life.

The PR stunt certainly got people talking and selfie snapping. With the famous monkey bobbing along the water in the background, photos and video footage was shared across social media channels, which can only be a good thing to help elevate the brand’s #GreenTeaGlow campaign.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to make a brew and paint my walls green.