Girl Power

07 June 2016 | Pic PR

Who remembers the Powerpuff Girls?

If you didn’t grow up in the late 90s/early noughties, I’ll forgive you for thinking it could be a girl group who made an attempt to make it big on the X Factor a few years ago and failed miserably.

The popular American cartoon is centred around three girls who use their superpowers to fight crime in the fictional city of Townsville, USA.

They were created by their scientist father, with the intention of producing the “perfect little girls” using ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’. Unfortunately, he accidentally tipped in an unknown chemical substance which left them with super strength powers and x-ray vision to name just a couple.

They first appeared on our screens in an era where girl power was a cultural phenomenon, made famous by a band called the Spice Girls, if anyone remembers them? Friends and I would bicker over who would be which Powerpuff Girl, as we watched back to back episodes after school. Oh the memories…

Eleven years later, they’re back – bigger and better than ever! Literally.

To celebrate the return of the animation, Cartoon Network has flown drones through the sky in Dubai to promote the new series. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are seen flying high, passing by famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – with the beautiful backdrop of the city behind them, and many onlookers watching from below.

All filmed for our entertainment, of course. A video campaign like this one is likely to be seen by those on social media, most likely by parents I’m sure. It’s an impressive stunt that’s for sure, but I can’t help but think that if the drones had been seen flying over more cities across the world it could be even more effective.

I’m definitely not the target audience that Cartoon Network is aiming this at, but the fact it’s got me talking and reminiscing about the show, I have no doubt the youngsters will all be shouting about it in the playground – probably arguing who would be who! Some things never change.

I’m pretty sure Mojo Jojo might have something to say about their return too…