Girl Power

08 March 2018 | Aaron Wise

As today is International Women’s Day, it’s only right that I look at some of the PR stunts commemorating the movement for women's rights and there has been quite a few!

McDonald’s have flipped their iconic ‘M’ logo upside down on their social channels and Scottish brewers, Brewdog, have turned their Punk IPA into ‘Pink’ IPA.

But I’m going to talk about Barbie dolls. Yes, that’s right, Barbie dolls. I have no shame in saying that!

To be honest, I didn’t even know Barbie was still making dolls. My younger sister had them growing up, but then I thought they made way for Bratz – remember them?! Anyway, they are still going strong and to celebrate International Women’s Day they have launched a range of female icon dolls No not the Spice Girls…

Girls can soon enjoy – they have been announced, not yet released - playing with Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Nicola Adams, artist Frida Kahlo, pilot Amelia Earhart and mathematician Katherine Johnson.

The Nicola doll in particular, which comes complete with boxing gloves, sports gear with her trademark ‘Lioness’ nickname and her distinctive cropped hairstyle, is the first doll from the UK to join Barbie’s ‘Shero’ range.

She will be the 15th Barbie in the line designed to honour modern-day women, joining Italian footballer Sara Gama, US snowboarder Chloe Kim, Australian conservationist Bindi Irwin and Chinese volleyball star Hui Ruoqi.

All in all, this is great PR. Barbie make dolls for girls, so creating a stunt around International Women’s Day is a no-brainer in terms of generating media interest.

But the PR team at Barbie have really smashed this stunt out the park for a home run, as they show the dolls are no longer all about beauty and fashion, but brains, bravado and idealistic role models for the girls who play with them.

True girl power!