Fyre Festival crashes and burns

28 April 2017 | Pic PR

Intern Liz blogs about Fyre Festival...

Festivals in general really aren’t on the cheap side, but you buy a ticket anyway with the promise that you will have an amazing weekend. So how would you feel if you forked out around $12,000 for a ticket to enter what’s been compared to the Hunger Games?

Fyre Festival’s team promised the most glamorous event of the year, with all the selfie opportunities and body glitter that a young, social media obsessed girl could ever wish for in the Bahamas. The organisers added fuel to the 'fyre' when Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, amongst a host of other models, posted a photo on Instagram of themselves looking glorious at the festival.

However, the reality of this festival quickly turned disastrous. It descended into absolute chaos when the festival-goers began to arrive. Instead of being greeted by the luxury accommodation and ‘culinary pop ups’ promised, they came face to face with half built things that didn’t even deserve to be called a tent, mountains of rubbish and feral dogs swarming the festival grounds.

There was supposed to be a star-studded line up consisting of acts such as Tyga, Major Lazer, Skepta, Disclosure and Blink 182, but if it wasn’t already enough to turn up to the festival of hell, Blink 182 announced that they had pulled out of the event and would no longer be performing as they ‘weren’t confident’ that they would have what they needed to give the audience a decent performance. Isn’t that just the cherry on top of the cake?

The utter disappointment and shock horror of this ‘festival’ didn’t stop there. One woman spilled that she paid $10,000 for a ‘VIP ticket’, which you’d think would get you something pretty mind-blowing, but no; the woman was given a pathetic excuse for a tent, which hadn’t even been put together properly, and her belongings were then stolen minutes after she’d put them in there. So she’s not only down $10,000, but everything she took with her. Seems worth it!

When it comes to the ‘culinary pop ups’, well, it was a bit of a joke really. If a depressing ham and cheese sandwich is now classed as a culinary masterpiece worth $10,000 then I no longer know what to think!

The organisers behind Fyre Festival, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland have had an absolute shocker - not just a PR disaster but a financial one too as they've apparently been hit with multimillion dollar 'class action suits'

Somehow I don't think they'll be looking to stage a similar enterprise anytime soon...