Freebie PR

Freebie PR

27 July 2015 | Lloyd Hughes

It’s a fact of life that we all love a freebie. One way to get potential consumers’ attention is to give something away for free, something to keep and remember you by.

Recently, two well known companies have been doing just that:

“If Carlsberg did…” has been Carlsberg’s winning marketing and PR technique since, well, forever.

If Carlsberg did X, Y or Z they’d probably be the best in the world, has remained engrained in our minds for years and has brought in plenty of sales for the lager leaders. They have an air of arrogance that comes out in all of their campaign adverts and it’s that confidence which grabs our attention to see what all the fuss is about.

What was their hook this time? Free beer.

Passengers making their way home off holiday were surprised at London City Airport last week when their belongings didn’t arrive on the carousel after their flights. Instead, they were greeted by cases of Carlsberg.

According to the Carlsberg brand manager, the ‘If Carlsberg did cases’ campaign was created to cheer up the holidaymakers at the end of their trip. Coming back off holiday often creates a slump in your mood but luckily, Carlsberg were on hand to cheer you up!

And the freebies continued with taxi app Uber, in all 58 countries it operates in.

In a bid to win new customers and regain some popularity, Uber were delivering free ice cream to customer homes or offices last Friday.

Partnered with Wall’s, the taxi firm set out to be an on demand mobile ice cream delivery service for the day. You didn’t even need to book a taxi to get one.

You did have to be quick off the mark, however, as many users were met with the message; “All ice cream vehicles are busy.” Gutted.

As delicious as an ice cream is, considering the current weather a free case of lager might be more preferable to us Brits!