Free Falling

02 February 2017 | Tom Carter

Whether you love him or hate him, Drake is one of the biggest names in rap right now, this is evidenced by his huge world tour simply called “Boy Meet World Tour”. Which began on January 28th in Amsterdam and ,up until the 17th February, is currently in England. But the gig everyone is talking about is the one that happened on the 1st February in the O2 arena.

The reason why this has sent fans crazy is because after the show was finished Drake announced that the 20,000 fans that came to the gig were all getting a full refund. Yes, a full refund, and the person responsible was a hip hop artist called Travis Scott who was supporting Drake for one of his songs called “Goosebumps”

The reason is because Travis fell down a hole in the stage, here’s the video if you want to see it. I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t help but laugh as his misfortune. Funny as the clip is (he wasn’t seriously hurt) what people didn’t realise was that when he fell down the hole he actually damaged part of the set. Usually Drake’s gigs see a massive globe coming out on stage, but because Travis Scott damaged it, it didn’t work. Here’s how it should have looked.

This evidently annoyed the perfectionist in Drake and he didn’t want people paying for the concert if people weren’t going to see the full spectacle – including the globe. The fans were understandably quite pleased with this, with one Twitter user saying “Still laughing at Travis Scott falling through the hole tbh, cheers pal, I just saw Drake for free!”

I’m sure people would be satisfied enough with just seeing Drake live to be honest, even without the globe, so not sure it was necessary to offer a full refund. But, regardless, it’s a really nice gesture from Drake and it’s great PR for both his tour and him on a personal level. I didn’t even know the world tour was happening before today, but now, of course, I do!