Festive window shopping

Festive window shopping

08 December 2014 | Liz Bowen

I’m a huge fan of Christmas. Anyone who knows me knows how excited I get and how much I love decorations! It’s a little ridiculous but when shops get into the festive spirit too, it’s the best and there’s one little shop that topped it this year. An electrical goods shop in Essex created a nativity scene using Henry vacuum cleaners!

Within the window are five cleaners which represent the kings, Mary and Joseph. How cute is that?! Henry is Joseph, Hetty is Mary and a promotional soft toy version of Henry is the little baby Jesus.

Mr Sale, the owner, has built up a reputation for his window displays and in the past has turned a washing machine into a fish tank, and put a dummy repair man inside a cooker to make it look as though the appliance was being mended.

He told BBC News: “We’re planning to change the nativity for New Year’s Eve. The Henrys are going to have a party. It’ll be one heck of a bash.”

“It’s definitely drawn people into the shop, [they] are passing and taking photos, the kids love it all. There’s been a sales spike in Henrys!”

Not only has it caught everyones attention but its gone viral! The picture has also been shared thousands of times on social media, over 5,000 likes on Facebook and 4,000 retweets on Twitter – talk about free advertising!

Now while this is fantastic (and genius) free PR and marketing for his own shop, its not just about selling hoovers…the owner has encouraged people who like the nativity scene to donate to his local charity – The Southend Homeless Charity and give a few pennies.