Faulty Towers

27 July 2017 | Billy Thompson

Alton Towers has received a lot of stick in the media lately. After the horrible accident on the Smiler roller coaster two years ago, the media is quick to jump on the park’s case anytime there is an incident there.

This week it was reported that more than a dozen riders were escorted off the park’s tallest coaster, Oblivion, as it got stuck at its highest point (65ft). The news was quickly spread across social media before various media outlines picked it up.

Only a month before, there was another incident at the theme park, this time with the Smiler again. Riders were trapped on board for as long as 45 minutes before being rescued by technicians. Some riders were even reported to have passed out.

Alton Towers released a video stating the ride stopping was “completely normal” and “at no point was guest safety compromised”.

I can only imagine how scary it was for the passengers, especially as the 2015 incident is still fresh on everyone’s minds.

However, I do think Alton Towers gets an unfair time of it from the media. You’ve got to think of the amount of times these rides run successfully all day every day. These incidents are a rarity, but when they do happen the media always seems to report it, stirring up misplaced fears.

Whether or not this will put people off visiting the theme park, I’m not sure, but it certainly won’t stop me from going there.

I always enjoy myself whenever I get the chance to visit, so I’m hoping we see less of these incidents from now on!