Fat Cat Makeover

Fat Cat Makeover

12 May 2014 | Liz Bowen

Every year people wait to see The Sunday Times’ Rich List – they want to know, who is the richest, who made the most money last year and also where they made their money – “can we do the same?!”

This year, however, it’s a liiiiittle bit different! Sir Richard Branson, Simon Cowell and Elton John have been given a makeover…into a fat cat. Yep, not even lying.

Grey London, animal photographer – Tim Flach and digital artist – Anthony Crossfield, used images of female cat models and retouched them using photo shop to look like the three moguls. They even include Cowell’s trademark hair, Elton’s glasses and a customised airplane collar for Branson.

The Super-Rich List is available in The Sunday Times 11 May issue.

The Sunday Times have played on the fact that people wait to see the super rich list and have created anticipation with releasing these images as a teaser. Not only a memorable PR stunt but a pretty funny one too.

Companies today sometimes need to think outside the box and be a bit silly when it comes to PR stunts. A PR stunt doesn’t always have to be intelligent and well thought out – sometimes they need to be funny, a bit silly and adhoc. These fat cats will stick in peoples minds and creating that lasting impression is the gold dust.