Facebook Fairytales

05 July 2016 | Pic PR

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare. 

Poor Stephanie’s dream wedding was almost shattered by the news that the company who helped plan her big day had gone into liquidation.

Broadcasting their announcement on their Facebook page, it’s understandable that when the childhood sweethearts caught wind of the news they were pretty devastated – especially as it was just days before the wedding! I would be an emotional wreck too - £700 down the drain in the matter of a few seconds…

Unbeknown to the (not-so) happy couple, a real-life fairy godmother was about to step in and save the big day!

Olivia, the owner of a wedding hire company found out about Stephanie and Sean’s wedding woes and kindly agreed to help them free of charge. These people actually exist!?

From seating plans to chair covers, it took just three days to transform the couple’s dream wedding into a reality. With the couple’s excitement, I’m sure the couple helped spread the word on social media about this woman’s generosity. If this is the case, I’m sure it won’t be long until she is bombarded with brides-to-be expecting similar fairy-godmother treatment!

A heart-warming story and great bit of PR for Olivia’s wedding planning business too. We wish Stephanie and Sean a Happy Ever After!