Face up to it

15 August 2018 | Jo Doverman

At what point in beauty history did it become totally shameful to acknowledge stretch marks, pores, scars and all the lumps and bumps we have on our bodies? We now live in a fake reality world, with absolutely every image photoshopped, videos heavily edited and there’s an app to airbrush out every ‘imperfection’ from your very own Instagram selfies, giving you the power the pros have, at the tip of your fingers.

The unrealistic beauty ideals which are splattered across the media have led to young people dreaming of the “Instagram face”. The totally smooth, wrinkle and blemish-free skin has become “the norm” and sets unreachable standards for women and men everywhere. It’s an outrage I tell ya!

There are of course the odd photoshop mishaps which bring a little joy to the situation…

However, in recent years, we’ve started to see models with stretch marks cropping up on ASOS and now it looks like we can embrace normal skin in make-up adverts. Who’d have thought you can showcase totally human and natural features and nobody will be sick at the sight of such a ghastly idea?!

The brand to lead the way is Urban Decay on its Instagram page. Upon first look, you see an image of a face with make-up on, which is clearly the handy-work of a highly-skilled make-up artist. But then on closer inspection, you realise it’s an actual face. Not an airbrushed image unrecognisable from its original form. Although I’m sure there has still been an element of touching up, just much more subtle. Can’t have it all in one go.

The comments have, of course, been positive all round on the social posts, which first appeared on Instagram this week and have generated some great PR for the brand. Yes, the models being used do have glowingly great skin, but it’s a million times more relatable to now.

One follower wrote: “Urban, I feel like you’ve really been listening to your commenters and started showing us real artists again, not over filtered, Photoshopped nonsense. Super inspiring to showcase real talent! Love the diversity and humanity.”

Next up, I’m sure we’ll start embracing freckles and dimples... maybe even wrinkle cream models with ACTUAL WRINKLES?! Such a great time to be alive. Nice work Urban, keep it up!